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Curious Sterling

Hello everyone! One morning I was sitting with both Flax and Ollie Jr’s bands. The young colt Sterling of Ollie Jr’s band became very curious about the other horses nearby and decided to walk over and check them out. Flax saw him right away and went over to push him back to his family. Sterling…
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Dolly and Starlet

Hello everyone! We have our first foal of the year in Flax’s band. Mare Dolly gave birth to a ‘mini-me’ filly named Starlet last week. This is the first loudly colored sabino foal for Dolly, and although some of her other foals have sabino traits, she is the flashiest of all of them and resembles…
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Brothers Meet By Chance

Hello everyone! Here is a look at what Flax and his boys were so interested in the other day…none other than, Banty! Who also happens to be Flax’s little half-brother. They are both Red Face babies. Banty is always looking for trouble, and on this day, he took an interest in Flax. It didn’t last…
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My Two Sons

“My Two Sons” – Here is a look at Flax and his two sons, Anzar and Bokel out of Mare Dolly. When I took this photo I was awe-struck by how handsome all three of them look side by side. What do you think they are looking at…? That is a post for another day.…
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Mae and Amargo

Hello everyone! Here is an interesting dynamic taking place inside Flax’s band. This is Mare Thunder Rose, her 2019 Filly, Amargo, and Mare Mae. While Thunder Rose did a wonderful job taking care of Amargo, it has always been obvious that an attachment was growing between Amargo and Mae. Over the last two years, the…
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Happy Mother’s Day From the Park

Hello everyone and Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! To celebrate the wonderful mothers inside the Park I decided to pull a select few of my favorite images of mares with their offspring that I have taken over the years. Some of the pairs are still together in the same band while…
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