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Flax and Anzar

Here is a look at 2011 Band Stallion, Flax and his colt, Anzar. Flax was watching as bison surrounded the area while Anzar was more interested in the ladies taking his picture. They are both so handsome!

Wild Mustang Mae Shakes it Off

Here is Mare Mae showing us how she rolls. I couldn’t believe the amount of dirt and dust that came off of her!

Say Hello to Dolly’s New Colt

This week not only brought Firefly’s new filly but also a new colt out of Mare Dolly. The presumed sire is Flax. The park hasn’t named him just yet but hopefully will soon. He is a little cutie and a beautiful addition to this band. Enjoy and thanks, everyone!

Amargo, Amite, and Anzar

Hello everyone! Here is a look at the three other babies born at the end of April. First, a filly out of Mare Thunder Rose and the presumed sire is Flax. The park has named her Amargo after a stream in New Mexico. Second, a colt out of Mare Strawberry and the presumed sire is…
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Winter Evening With Flax

Good morning everyone! Last week my friend and I came across Flax one evening before sunset. He was trying his hardest to have some intimate time with Thunder Rose but she was not having it. After a few kicks, from both him and her, he finally gave up and walked away. The entire band looks…
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Horse Spotlight – Mare Thunder Rose

Hello everyone! It’s time again to feature another horse from this herd. Today’s 🌟Horse Spotlight🌟 is 2014 Mare, Thunder Rose. She is out of Mare Pale Lady by Stallion Thunder. She is currently running in Flax’s band. I first saw Thunder Rose as she was coming out of winter in 2015. She was still fairly…
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