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Fun Friday Part 22

Hello everyone! It is time once again for ‘Fun Friday!’ I wanted to dedicate today’s post to a few of the beautiful mothers and daughters inside Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I took these photos at various times, including a couple from this past summer, but each one features a mother and daughter still running together…
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Fun Friday Part 21

Hello everyone! It is time once again for ‘Fun Friday!’ Today I have for you a look at the horses on warmer days as well as, a gorgeous sunset in the Park. The cold weather here continues but hopefully, we will reach above 0 temperatures by Sunday or Monday. I can’t wait! I will write…
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Just Like Mom

Hello everyone! Watching foals grow each year is such a joy. Watching them grow to look exactly like their dam or sire is extra special. The older filly Thunderbird gets the more she looks like her dam, Thunder Rose. They are even starting to look alike from behind so I had to share a photo…
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Fun Friday Part 16

Hello everyone! It is time again for our weekly ‘Fun Friday’ post. Today I have for you a mix of horses from several different bands that I have spent time with lately. I have also been working on adding new puzzles to the jigsaw page. I tend to use photos that have multiple horses so…
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Flax’s New Girls

Hello everyone! Recently I spent a nice evening with Flax and his new larger band. He took his half-brother Frontier’s band from him almost a month ago and has managed to hold onto them so far. It was interesting to see how the two bands interact now that they have been together for a few…
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Fun Friday Part 15

Happy Halloween everyone! I missed ‘Fun Friday’ yesterday but I have a good excuse. I was out late in the Park watching the most amazing sunset with the horses we all love. To make up for my delayed posting, today I have for you a look at last night’s sunset, a small update from the…
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