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Flax’s New Girls

Hello everyone! We are looking at Flax’s band again today and the two other additions from Maverick’s band. Mare Skipper and her 2019 Colt, Arey, joined the band at the same time as Aurora and Bluegrass. These two keep to themselves, and I have not really seen them interact much with Flax. I find it…
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Happy Valentine’s Day 2022

Hello everyone, and Happy Valentine’s Day! Today we will look at Flax and two of the members he added from Maverick’s band in December. First up is Aurora and her coming two-year-old, Bluegrass. They have been with Flax for roughly two months and seem to be adjusting to the change. As you can see in…
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Starlet’s New Toy

Hello everyone! I had a nice visit with Flax and his band yesterday. His youngest foal, Starlet, is getting so big. I caught her taking a nap next to her dam, Dolly, and then watched as she found a new toy. She came across a large stick and was fascinated by picking it up and…
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Hello everyone! I realized today that I hadn’t shared this beautiful girl much since she was born. She is 2021 Filly, Starlet out of Mare Dolly by Stallion Flax. I thought she would be the perfect feature for #FoalFriday. Recently I came across a photo of her with her big brother Bokel when she was…
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Curious Sterling

Hello everyone! One morning I was sitting with both Flax and Ollie Jr’s bands. The young colt Sterling of Ollie Jr’s band became very curious about the other horses nearby and decided to walk over and check them out. Flax saw him right away and went over to push him back to his family. Sterling…
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Dolly and Starlet

Hello everyone! We have our first foal of the year in Flax’s band. Mare Dolly gave birth to a ‘mini-me’ filly named Starlet last week. This is the first loudly colored sabino foal for Dolly, and although some of her other foals have sabino traits, she is the flashiest of all of them and resembles…
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