Month: May 2024

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Amite and Bart

Hello everyone! As I mentioned, the young bachelors are out and about causing trouble. They also fight with each other on random occasions. On this particular day, Bart was trying to put the newcomer to the group, Amite, in his place. It did not amount to much, but practice never hurts. Below is a look…
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Shay’s Tail Trap

Hello everyone! One evening, I came across Teton’s band near the park boundary. I went in to grab a few photos of the young colt Tucker and his momma Shay. While there, Shay demonstrated that one surefire way to keep your foal close by is to trap him in your tail. Little Tucker temporarily got…
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Foal Friday With Dillinger

Hello everyone! It is #FoalFriday, so we will take another look at one of the foals born in Theodore Roosevelt National Park so far this year. Pictured below is the adorable colt Dillinger and his beautiful mother, Democracy. He is doing well in his new band. He has his big brother Winchester and sister Willow,…
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Applewood’s Gang

Hello everyone! Today, we will take a look at Applewood and his band. He continues to hold mare Birch and her filly Aspen. Mare Frosty and her colt Cody have also been with the band for several months. They also recently had visits from another former Red Face mare, Pretty Girl, but time will tell…
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Spring Look at Flash’s Band

Hello everyone! Tonight, we are going to flip back to Flash’s band. He continues holding his band of mares Crow, Minnie, Almanac, Bear, filly Cricket, and colt Griz. Flash did add to his band recently when he picked up Mare Annabella and her colt Huck from Ollie Jr, but it was short-lived, and they have…
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Stallion Flax

Hello everyone! Tonight, I thought you all might enjoy a look at Flax. His band has moved around a lot over the past year, and sitting with him is more challenging than it used to be. I was lucky to come across his band about a week ago and had a nice, quick visit with…
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