Spring Look at Flash’s Band

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Spring Look at Flash’s Band

Hello everyone! Tonight, we are going to flip back to Flash’s band. He continues holding his band of mares Crow, Minnie, Almanac, Bear, filly Cricket, and colt Griz. Flash did add to his band recently when he picked up Mare Annabella and her colt Huck from Ollie Jr, but it was short-lived, and they have since returned home. Below is a look at the beautiful members currently making up Flash’s band.

2019 Mare, Almanac (Minnie x Satellite)

Crow, Cricket, and Griz

2016 Mare, Minnie

2020 Mare, Bear (dam to Griz), 2007 Mare, Crow (dam to Bear and Cricket), 2022 Filly, Cricket, and 2023 Colt, Griz