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Finding Coal

Hello everyone! Today was a fantastic day! For almost four months, this handsome guy, 2005 Former Band Stallion, Coal, has been tucked away somewhere out of sight. He had lost his last mare to his son Amantes last fall and was not showing signs of wanting to continue the battle. The last evening we saw…
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Changes in Cagney’s Band

Hello everyone! Today, I have another update to share with you. There has been a change in Cagney’s band recently. He is still holding mares Dolly and Bess, but he recently lost Dolly’s girls, Starlet and Summer, to his nephew Bokel. During our cold snap, Bokel made his move to take a mare from Cagney,…
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Another Look at Frontier

Hello everyone! Today, we will look at the rest of Frontier’s beautiful band. He continues to hold the two mares, Smokie and Firefly, his 2019 filly Anuk, his 2021 colt Flyer, and Anuk’s 2022 colt Kodiak. While with the band, I noticed Flyer paying a lot of attention to Smokie. I watched Frontier do this…
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New Band Stallion Applewood

Hello everyone! I need to take a brief break from sharing the rest of Frontier’s band to share a new band update with you all. This is 2019 Stallion, Applewood, out of the late mare Stormy by stallion Ollie Jr. He usually runs with the small group of bachelors on the park’s east side. However,…
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January Visit With Frontier

Hello everyone! Here is a peek at another family I spent time with last week. This is 2012 Band Stallion, Frontier and his band. Depending on where they go and how much snow we receive, seeing them in the winter can be challenging. However, I have been fortunate to see them several times this winter.…
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Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a nice weekend. We have finally had some nice weather, so I could get out and hike. Just before sunset yesterday, I went looking for former band stallion Buster (Illinois). He had shown himself earlier in the day, so I had an idea where to head. After…
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