Fun Friday Part 22

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Fun Friday Part 22

Hello everyone! It is time once again for ‘Fun Friday!’ I wanted to dedicate today’s post to a few of the beautiful mothers and daughters inside Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I took these photos at various times, including a couple from this past summer, but each one features a mother and daughter still running together wild and free. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

2007 Mare, Smokie and her daughter 2018 Mare, Patience (left)

2001 Mare, Tanker and her daughter 2009 Mare, Punkin (right)

2000 Mare, Flame and her 2020 Filly, Little Mo

2013 Mare, Eagle and her 2020 Filly, Birdie (left)

2007 Mare, Blue and her daughter 2014 Mare, Blue Velvet (left)

2010 Mare, Papoose and her 2020 Filly, Betsy (left)

2006 Mare, Ember’s Girl and her 2020 Filly, Emery

2001 Mare, Snip’s Gray and her daughter 2014 Mare, Valentina (left) – (photo was taken in Aug)

2004 Mare, Freckles and her 2020 Filly, Katie (left)

1998 Mare, Lightning (right), her daughter 2007 Mare, Crow, and Crow’s daughter 2020 Filly, Bear (photo was taken in July)