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Snowy Morning With Frosty and Cody

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! As promised, here is a closer look at 1999 Mare, Frosty, and her 2021 Colt, Cody, by the late stallion Red Face. They have moved around a lot over the past year but always stayed together. When sitting with Cody, you cannot help but notice…
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Momma Bella Saves the Day

Hello everyone! Today, we will look at a fun story about family in the park. One afternoon, I was sitting with Xander and Sidekick. The young stallion, Chance of Sidekick’s band, decided to walk over and start something with Xander. They will do this occasionally to practice fighting and learn how to become a band…
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Little Gray’s Family

Hello everyone! Today, we will look at Luna’s beautiful mom Little Gray, her sister Pippi, and her brother Ryely. They are running together with stallion Guardian. He picked them up from stallion Buster back in September. He eventually moved them to an area more familiar to him and, so far, has been able to keep…
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Beauties in the Snow

Hello everyone! Last week I spent some time with Maverick and his band. I often see them but do not always get to hike to them. He has a beautiful group of ladies, including the two pictured below. Most of you will recognize Paisley, the daughter of the late mare Strawberry. The mare next to…
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Girl Fight

Hello everyone! We will flashback to spring today when the park was much greener. On this day, Paisley was playing with three-year-old Bluegrass. They do not get as rough as the boys, but they still like to bite and even rear up a little. They looked pretty cute, pestering one another and put on a…
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Little Gray’s Legacy

Hello everyone! I hope you are all staying warm wherever you may be. We talked about Little Gray and her foals briefly in Friday’s post, but I wanted to share this photo with you as well. This was taken at the end of September, right after Guardian took the band from Buster (Illinois). I love…
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