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Morning Visit With Ollie Jr

Hello everyone! Today, we will get back to Ollie Jr and his band. He currently holds a band of 13, including him. I recently shared with you a look at his newest colt, Auggie, and his dam, Ardena. Below is a look at the rest of Ollie’s band. I was lucky to have spent a…
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Raven and Her Girls

Hello everyone! Here is another gorgeous yearling in Gunner’s band, 2021 Filly, Mystique. She is out of Mare Raven and her presumed sire is the late stallion, Mystery. Her older sister, Raven’s Myst, recently gave birth to her first foal, Black Beauty. They are a stunning group of girls. Below is a look at Mystique,…
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Young Love in Flash’s Band

Hello everyone! Here is one more look at Flash and who I would say is his favorite girl, Almanac. These two look pretty good together

Lovely Ladies

Hello, everyone! Here are some beauties for your Monday. (l to r) Lightning, Crow, Almanac, and Bear of Flash’s Band Enjoy and have a great week!

Mae and Amargo

Hello everyone! Here is an interesting dynamic taking place inside Flax’s band. This is Mare Thunder Rose, her 2019 Filly, Amargo, and Mare Mae. While Thunder Rose did a wonderful job taking care of Amargo, it has always been obvious that an attachment was growing between Amargo and Mae. Over the last two years, the…
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Almanac and Flash

Hello everyone! This beautiful girl is 2019 Filly, Almanac out of Mare Minne by Stallion Satellite. With Stallion Flash taking the entire band from Satellite this spring, Almanac is now experiencing life with her first band stallion (who isn’t her father anyway). She and Flash seem to be getting along quite well. There has been…
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