Coal Along the River

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Coal Along the River

Hello everyone! I was able to spend a short time with Coal and his band this week. Luckily, some friends I met last year were visiting the park and led me in the right direction. I appreciate that! Everyone looks really good after our harsh winter. Amantes is still with the band as a four-year-old. Satine is still with the band and seems to be fitting in nicely. You may remember Coal finally accepted her into his band last summer after she left her natal band. Enjoy this look at Coal’s band and have a nice weekend!

2014 Mare, Dixie

(l to r) Dixie, Amantes, Betty Blue, and Maggie

2021 Mare, Satine (Minnie x Satellite)

2007 Mare, Maggie

(l to r) Amantes, Betty Blue (2006), Busy Blue (2000), Satine, and Coal (2005)