A Day On the River

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A Day On the River

Hello everyone! It has been very hot here lately. Teton and his band have been keeping cool by spending more and more time down by the river. I came across them as I was leaving the Park the other day and captured a few photos before they left to go graze. With these high temps, I am glad they are taking advantage of living so close to the river. Enjoy and try to stay cool today wherever you may be!

2020 Filly, Bee, her dam Indian Paintbrush next to her, and 2019 Colt, Alluvium in the front drinking

(L to R) 2019 Filly, Archer, 2020 Filly, Berkleigh, and Mare Goblin

Teton’s Band

Teton’s Band – Bee, Indian Paintbrush, Teepee, Alluvium, and Shay – Archer, Goblin, and Berkleigh are in the way back.