Double Trouble

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Double Trouble

Ollie Jr. was blessed with two new additions to his band on the same day last month. Mare Stormy had a colt named Applewood and Mare Sapphire had a filly named Aqua. It is amazing how similar they look now. That will change soon I am sure. I spent a couple of hours with the band this week and I will say that Applewood is definitely a trouble maker. He spent the majority of the time going from one sister to the next biting and harassing them until they ran off or fought back. He will be fun to watch for sure! Below are a few photos of both babies from this week. Thanks, everyone!

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2019 Colt, Applewood out of Mare Stormy x Ollie Jr.

Applewood chewing on his big sister Alkaline’s ear. I love how he has her ear in his mouth as he is looking at me.

Applewood chewing on his other sister, Aqua.

2019 Filly, Aqua out of Mare Sapphire

Mare Sapphire and her 2019 Filly, Aqua x Ollie Jr.

The new moms and their babies. Stormy and Applewood on the left – Sapphire and Aqua on the right.


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