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Amite and Bart

Hello everyone! As I mentioned, the young bachelors are out and about causing trouble. They also fight with each other on random occasions. On this particular day, Bart was trying to put the newcomer to the group, Amite, in his place. It did not amount to much, but practice never hurts. Below is a look…
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Checking in on Arrowhead

Hello everyone! To start your week on a good note, here is a look at the handsome band stallion Arrowhead. Now 14 years old, he continues to hold a band of eight mares, along with his three-year-old colt and filly. The band all appeared to be doing well so far this winter. I had a…
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Beautiful Grace

Hello everyone! I shared photos of Black Hawk and Cody a couple of weeks ago. Several of you asked who the beautiful gray was in the background of several photos of the boys. She is Mare Grace and is Black Hawk’s dam. Gunner picked her up in April of last year. She is nine this…
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Beauties in the Breeze

Hello everyone! It is warming up here this weekend, so horses and humans are trying to stay cool. Here is a look at mares Maddie, Penny, Cassie, Paisley, and Dawn resting high on a butte and catching the breeze inside Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Have a great weekend!

Alluvium vs Anzar

Hello everyone! As I mentioned before, the bachelor boys have been causing several issues for the band stallions this summer. However, they tend to fight one another from time to time too. On this day, Anzar singled out Alluvium, and the two went head-to-head. Stallion Applewood stood by Anzar for support as he took on…
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Weekend Look at Cagney’s Band

Hello everyone! Here is a look at the handsome band stallion Cagney and his small band. He picked up Mare Dolly and her girls, Starlet and Summer, from Flax at the beginning of the year and, surprisingly, has kept them. Enjoy this look at his band, and have a great weekend! (l to r) Dolly,…
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