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Fun Friday Part 3

Hello everyone! Today is Friday so that means another ‘Fun Friday’ post. This time I have a mix of stallions, mares, foals, and because they are so cute a couple of red dogs. As always, I will write under each photo so be sure to scroll through. I will have a look at the rest…
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New Additions to Gunner’s Band

Hello everyone! There were a few changes in the park over the weekend. While several changes were short-lived, a few were the same as of Tuesday evening. Gunner, the son of the late stallion Mystery, is now holding four of his father’s former mares. He managed to take Sundance, Cheyenne, Cedar, Raven, and her filly…
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Xander and Thunder Saga

Hello everyone! The young stallion Xander continues to hold his father’s band despite him being not far behind most days. Time will tell if Thunder can take all or some of the girls back one day. Until then, Xander is doing a good job of keeping the family together. Below is a look at the…
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Sidekick’s Trouble Makers

Hello everyone! Today we are getting back to Sidekick’s band and a closer look at his other two fillies. Annabella (Beech) and Misty Blue (Bannock) are growing fast and like Bayou, they have changed quite a bit. Below are photos of the three of them together one evening as well as, a look at how…
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Bayou and Valentina

Hello everyone! This time of year we see a lot of changes in the foals born in the spring as they begin to shed out their foal coats. The little girls in Sidekick’s band are the perfect example of this occurrence. While there are three fillies in his band, I would like to focus on…
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Half Moon and His Band

Hello everyone! As promised, here is a look at the rest of Half Moon’s band. He currently holds a band of 6 mares, his 2019 colt out of Rosie, and now his newest filly out of Punkin. Since I last posted on Half Moon’s band this winter, he has continued to do his best to…
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