Sisterly Love – Emmylou and Little Mo

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Sisterly Love – Emmylou and Little Mo

Hello everyone! It was a chilly day in the Park today but was worth being out to get to spend some time with these two silly girls. Mare Emmylou and her baby sister, Little Mo, were so much fun to watch this afternoon. After Emmylou got back from her ‘visit’ with Stallion Remington and Little Mo woke up from her nap, the two of them spent some sister time together. That is when the cutest thing happened. Emmylou walked over to Little Mo and the two of them began to mutually groom one another. That was sweet in itself but what I found so cute was the fact that Little Mo is so short she could only groom her big sister’s chest. It seriously was one of the most adorable moments I have witnessed out here in a while. I have always enjoyed watching Emmylou and her antics but seeing how she is with Little Mo is awesome. For the next hour, when Banty stirred up trouble…again, Emmylou kept a close eye on her and made sure she was alright. She is an amazing mare and even better big sister. Below are a few photos of the girls, their mom Flame, and of course, a photo of them grooming one another. Enjoy!

Emmylou and Little Mo mutually grooming one another ❤

These two girls crack me up ? – Mare Emmylou and her sister, Little Mo

Flame and her two beautiful girls, Emmylou and Little Mo.