A Visit to the Old Stomping Grounds

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A Visit to the Old Stomping Grounds

Happy Saturday everyone! I recently spent some time with Teton and his band. He was back in one of the old spots near Ridgeline he and the band used to call home. When Teton first became a band stallion, he acquired a large number of mares. So we would often see him rotate the band between this spot and one more in the center of the park. Most likely in an attempt to not lose any mares to rival stallions. That following winter, the band moved again and made their new home near the park entrance where they spend the majority of their time today. Eileen and I have always wanted to follow them when they take the back way from Ridgeline to the park entrance to see how they do it. I attempted it alone one day but was stopped by a large bull bison who was not moving anytime soon. I think I will wait for Eileen’s next visit and hike it with her instead lol! Here is a look at Teton and his three foals. I shared a video of his colt Perseus (Teepee) the other day and now you can get a better look at his nice winter coat. Teton also has two fillies, Hera out of Ruby and Andromeda out of Goblin. All three are doing well. Enjoy and have a nice weekend!

2018 Filly, Hera (Ruby x Teton)

2018 Filly, Andromeda (Goblin x Teton)

2018 Colt, Perseus (Teepee x Teton)


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