Canyon Breeze

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Canyon Breeze

Hello everyone! Whenever I share photos of Wind Canyon I often get questions about his offspring. So today I thought I would give you a closer look at his last foal sired to date, Canyon Breeze. She was out of Mare Betty Blue and was born in 2014. In the spring of 2015, Stallion Coal stole Canyon Breeze and Betty Blue, leaving Wind Canyon alone. I had started tracking this herd that spring and at the time, had little knowledge of the horses. Canyon Breeze was one of the first young fillies I encountered in the park and I instantly fell in love! She grew a lot over the summer and looked fantastic. Unfortunately, by fall of that year, she would disappear. We have no idea what happened as one day she was no longer with the band. I have seen a lot of horses come and go for various reasons over the years. It’s my hope, by sharing Canyon Breeze’s story, I can ensure she is never forgotten. Thanks, everyone.

Canyon Breeze and her dam, Betty Blue – May 2015 – Taken after they were stolen from Wind Canyon.

The beautiful Canyon Breeze ❤️

Canyon Breeze’s Sire, Wind Canyon



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