Horse Spotlight – Mare Papoose

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Horse Spotlight – Mare Papoose

Hello everyone! I was fortunate enough to spend the entire day in the park today checking several bands and even had a surprise visit from Indy and Granite’s Boy! It was cold and foggy, but a successful day. While I will share today’s photos with you soon, I would like to feature another horse from the herd with this post.

Tonight’s ?Horse Spotlight? is 2010 Mare, Papoose! She is currently running in Arrowhead’s band. She is out of Mare, Pretty Girl by Red Face. She has one offspring living in the park, the gorgeous bachelor stallion, Gunner. He is her 2014 colt by Mystery. Papoose was in Blaze’s band for several years before his passing in 2017. After he died, Ollie Jr. took several of his mares, including Papoose. For the rest of the year, Arrowhead would slowly take Blaze’s former band from Ollie Jr. until he had only Papoose and her young filly. By the end of 2017, Arrowhead would finally take Papoose and she was reunited with her former bandmates. In the spring of 2018, her filly was removed and adopted.

Papoose is a gentle mare who often keeps to herself or can be seen close to her buddy, Little Brother’s Girl. I have always had a soft spot for her and feel she is one of the most beautiful horses in this herd. Below are a few photos of her and her family I have taken over the past few years. I hope you enjoy this look at the beautiful Papoose! Thanks, everyone!

2010 Mare, Papoose – Photo was taken in 2016.

While I do not usually allow horses to lick my car, (it’s not good for them to think this is ok) on this day Papoose and Gunner snuck up without me knowing. I felt something nudge my car while watching horses up the road and turned to see this. One on each side, licking the dirt off my trunk. I took a quick cell phone picture because I couldn’t resist the close up of Papoose’s beautiful eyes and then slowly pulled away from them.

Papoose and her beautiful 2017 Filly. We called her Phoenix.

Papoose taking a nap while her buddy, Little Brother’s Girl, keeps watch. – Photo was taken in November 2018.

2010 Mare, Papoose – Photo was taken in the summer of 2018.


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