Paige and Maisey

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Paige and Maisey

Hello everyone! We have a surprise to share with all of you today. Mare Paige, currently of Wildrye’s band, has foaled! She gave birth this morning to the beautiful filly you see below. While she is in Wildrye’s band now, the presumed sire is their former stallion, Grady.
Please note that we have had late foals before. Today was a gorgeous day for her to be born and the next week looks warm as well. She also has an amazing mother looking after her who will keep her safe and warm to the best of her ability should bad weather hit us again.
For her name, we are suggesting Maisey as it combines some of the letters from both her dam, Paige, and her presumed sire, Grady. Let us know your thoughts on that name. As always, thank you for your support and please help us welcome this darling girl to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park herd!

2014 Mare, Paige and her 2023 Filly, Maisey

2023 Filly, Maisey out of Mare Paige

Congratulations Paige!