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First Foal to Be Named By the Park

Hello everyone! Frosty’s filly has a name! Meet the first filly named by the park, Aden. The park has implemented a new system this year for naming the foals born in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. They have compiled a list consisting of lakes, streams, summits and valleys located in the United States. They then narrowed…
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A Quick Trip to Half Moon

Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. On Friday, my friend and I decided to hike to a different spot in the hopes of finding some horses. We took a chance and it paid off! We came across Half Moon and his band. It gave me a chance to see if he…
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Winter Evening With Flax

Good morning everyone! Last week my friend and I came across Flax one evening before sunset. He was trying his hardest to have some intimate time with Thunder Rose but she was not having it. After a few kicks, from both him and her, he finally gave up and walked away. The entire band looks…
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A Winter Day With Coal

Hello everyone! I recently got to spend some time with Coal and his band. He has been spending a lot of time near the road lately and makes it easier for us! He is still holding his band of Betty Blue, Busy Blue, Maggie, and Dixie. I have not seen the band close up since…
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Last Sighting of Lacey

Hello everyone! Well, yesterday was an interesting day. I spent most of the day with my friend trying to find as many horses as we could. Early in the day, I noticed Frontier and his band from a lookout. We watched for a bit and noticed that Lacey wasn’t there. Thinking she may just be…
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Wild Winter Highlights

Hello everyone! I know I haven’t posted for a few days but I have been in the park as much as possible taking advantage of the above zero temperatures. There are a lot of horses to check on and the deep snow right now makes it a little more difficult. I have had eyes on…
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