Winter Evening With Flax

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Winter Evening With Flax

Good morning everyone! Last week my friend and I came across Flax one evening before sunset. He was trying his hardest to have some intimate time with Thunder Rose but she was not having it. After a few kicks, from both him and her, he finally gave up and walked away. The entire band looks well. We saw them again the next morning sunning themselves near the road before going out of sight that afternoon.

In other park news, there is still no sign of Mare Nordie or Stallion Granite’s Boy. Most of the areas of the park we would normally hike to and check are currently covered in deep snow so that is not an option right now. We may have to wait until the snow begins to melt to get some answers. The weather hasn’t been that great this week so I haven’t had a chance to try and locate Lacey again either. The band moved over the weekend and so finding them becomes a challenge again.

The final update I have for this week is a band change. On Wednesday, as I was coming up to the park boundary, I could see Half Moon’s band leaving the area. I took a drive up the road and came back closer to the park fence. I noticed Arrowhead’s band on the hill and he had too many mares. After looking around, I could see that he is now holding Mare Rosie and her filly Selene. I didn’t see the band yesterday so I do not know for sure if he still has them. We will have to wait and see if this change sticks.

I will do my best to update you on any other changes as I see them. For now, we will see how things play out with Rosie and Arrowhead and hope the best for Nordie and Granite’s Boy. Thanks, everyone!

2013 Mare, Maggie Mae

Flax trying his hardest to love on Thunder Rose. He looks so small next to her.

The beautiful 2014 Mare, Thunder Rose looking out over the park.

2006 Mare, Dolly

2011 Band Stallion, Flax



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