A Few Spring Updates

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A Few Spring Updates

Good Morning everyone! We have had a few changes in the Park lately. I occasionally will wait for some time to pass before sharing on this page to see if it will stick. As I mentioned before in a previous post, there have been some changes in Arrowhead’s band. Those changes are related to some new additions to two other bands so I will share those with you today as well.
First, Stallion Arrowhead recently added the young two-year-old filly Aqua to his band. She is out of Mare Sapphire by Stallion Ollie Jr. While in the Park this week, I realized that Arrowhead has recently added her full little sister, Jewel, as well. She is not quite a year old yet so it was surprising to see her with Arrowhead. Hopefully, since her big sister is with her this change will be alright for Jewel. Despite adding to his band, Arrowhead has lost two of his older mares in the past three weeks. He first lost Mare Papoose when she was picked up by Stallion Half Moon. Papoose appears to be content with the new group and I haven’t seen any attempt by her to go back to Arrowhead. A week or so later, he lost Mare Opal when she was picked up by Stallion Remington. Shortly thereafter, Remington also added Mare Eagle and her 2020 Filly, Birdie to his growing band. Eagle and her filly had been running with Red Face’s band for quite some time prior to that. There are always quite a few changes this time of year so time will tell if it will stay this way. I will write under each photo below to help explain who is with who. Thanks, everyone!

Arrowhead moving his new girls, Aqua and Jewel (both out of Sapphire x Ollie Jr.)

2014 Band Stallion, Remington, and his new girls – Opal, Eagle, and Eagle’s filly, Birdie – He took Opal from Arrowhead and Eagle and Birdie from Red Face.

Remington having a moment with Birdie (Eagle x Mystery)

2010 Band Stallion, Half Moon, and his new mare, Papoose – He took Papoose from Arrowhead. His filly, Beaver, out of Punkin is in the background.