Biggest Band in the Park

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Biggest Band in the Park

Hello everyone! Today, we will look at a stallion who has proven he is more than competent when holding a band in the park. Stallion Gunner is a nine-year-old stallion who has continued to hold a band of 20, the largest in the park, over the past several months. Despite attempts by the bachelor group to take them from him, he still came out on the other side with his band intact. Below is a look at some of the members of his band. Enjoy, and have a great night!

(front to back) Pretty Girl, Beau, Raven’s Myst, Little Mo, and Flame

Beautiful Ladies – Cedar, Raven’s Myst, Raven, Mystique, and Sundance

Mare Grace, her colt Black Hawk, and Gunner

Gunner’s Band on a Summer Day

(left to right) Gunner, Mystique, Cedar, Raven’s Myst, Raven, Cody, and Frosty