A Look at Anisak

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A Look at Anisak

Hello everyone! Since today is Monday, we will look at one of the beautiful young mares in the herd. This is 2019 Mare, Anisak. She is the first foal out of mare Perdita of Gunner’s band. Anisak is currently a member of Arrowhead’s band. In 2019, when Anisak was born, Perdita was separated from her natal band. She and Anisak were on their own, and then, after the boys finished fighting over Perdita, the two of them finally settled in with Gunner. Anisak was picked up by Arrowhead in May of 2022 when she was three. Last year, she had a brief adventure on her own and spent time with Guardian, but eventually, she found her way back to Arrowhead. I have included a look at Anisak and Perdita when they were just a tiny family of three for you to see as well. Enjoy this look at Anisak!

Anisak with her dam Perdita back in 2019 – Perdita had her as a two-year-old.

Anisak now a gorgeous five-year-old mare

Gunner, Perdita, and Anisak – (2019)