Summer Changes

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Summer Changes

Hello everyone! I was able to sit with both Copper and Red Face several times recently and confirm where the three former Mystery mares have ended up. As we learned last week, Red Face had taken Ember’s Girl and her filly. He also took Eagle and her filly and as of yesterday, they continue to walk with him. Cheyenne’s time with Remington quickly came to an end and she is back with Copper and her family. For now, everyone seems content with how things played out. Below are photos of Copper’s band and Cheyenne back with her family this week.

Copper and his band

Copper and a few of his girls – (L to R): Cedar, Copper, Raven, Cheyenne, and Sundance

Copper (far right) and some of his band – a few members of Sidekick’s band are in the background

Mystery’s girls are starting to mingle with Copper’s girls – (L to R): Sundance, Cheyenne, Faith, Esprit, and Daisy