Summer Updates With Brutus and Ollie Jr

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Summer Updates With Brutus and Ollie Jr

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. To start off the week, I thought I would share with you a couple of changes inside the Park.
First, the change I am most excited about is that Patches and Poppy have found a stallion. Many of you may remember after 2021 Filly, Poppy was born, she and her dam, Mare Patches, were separated from their band. They ended up in a secluded area where Patches was able to protect her new filly and give her time to grow stronger. Now almost two months later, Patches and Poppy are back with her former stallion from two years ago, Brutus. He still has an injury from fighting Maverick that same year, so we will see how long this lasts. For now, Maverick and Trooper are still fighting and moving around the Park, so it may be a while before they notice Brutus and the girls.
The second change comes in Ollie Jr’s band. It seems he has added yet another young filly. This time he gained 2020 Filly, Annabella, out of Mare Bella from Sidekick’s band. It has been a big year for Ollie so far, and I wouldn’t be surprised if his band grows even more by the end of the year.
Below is a look at Brutus, Patches, and Poppy, along with a look at Ollie Jr’s band. I will share more on Poppy and Patches as well as the Maverick/Trooper saga with you soon. Enjoy!

Brutus back with his former mare Patches (left) and her filly Poppy (right)

Ollie Jr’s Band – (l to r) Ollie, Ardena, Katie, Sapphire, Sterling, Autumn, Bess, Freckles, and new addition Annabella

Ollie Jr’s Band – Annabella is on the far right. A couple of red dogs (bison) were near the band with their mothers.