Grady’s Extras

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Grady’s Extras

Hello! Here is a look at a band I have not shared in a while and an update to go along with it. I had been trying to sit with Grady and his band for several weeks, but it was not working out. Yesterday, despite the huge winds, I decided to try one more time. Once in their area of the Park, I did get eyes on the band fairly quickly, but something was off. There were too many horses. I took off hiking to the band and hoped they would stay when I got there. Once I got closer I took out my camera just in case this was a short visit. You can see in the second photo below that I had quite few eyes looking back at me and some of them do not belong in this band. I am not sure when it happened, but Grady was now holding all of Wildrye’s band along with his own.
After leaving Grady, I drove to a high spot to see if I could locate Wildrye. In the distance, I could see a gray horse near the south fence…Wildrye’s area. Bachelor stallion Buster has claimed that area as his own as of late and so I assumed it was him at first but soon realized the horse was too dark. So off I went on another hike to see if that horse was in fact Wildrye. Once at the fence, I could see Buster on the hill across from me but not the other horse. I noticed him briefly look at something below the hill he was on so I walked around to the other side and there was Wildrye!
Wildrye chased off Buster shortly after I arrived so I am unsure of why he lost his band. Sometimes strange things happen out here but I do not think this is over just yet. Wildrye is a fierce stallion and in time he will likely make a play to get them back.
Below is a look at Grady’s original band. I will share more photos of Wildrye and his (former) band later on and will update you if anything changes. Thanks, everyone!

Talk about feeling like you are being watched ???? – This is Wildrye’s band mixed with Grady’s. (l to r) Paige, Little Gray, Lorena, Lorelye, Twister in front, Badger, Pippi behind her, Gigi, Gidget, Blondie, Bonnet behind her, Ryley in the back, and Pixie.

Mare Gigi and her two girls, Gidget and 2020 Filly, Bonnet

2020 Filly, Pixie (Stormy x Ollie Jr)

2020 Filly, Frosted Arrow (Badger) (Justice x Arrowhead)

2005 Mare, Blondie (right) with young mare Frosted Arrow (Badger)

2005 Mare, Twister

2014 Mare, Gigi and her 2021 Filly, Gidget