Looking After Mom

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Looking After Mom

Hello everyone! Recently when I was with several bands, Ollie Jr. decided to make a move on mare Esprit of Copper’s band. The wind was blowing so it made it hard for Copper to hear what was going on behind him. No worries though as Esprit’s daughter, Faith took care of it. As soon as she saw Ollie near her mom she ran over and put herself between the two. She then turned and tried to kick Ollie to get him to back off. I have to say, the look on his face was priceless. A few moments later, Copper turned around and ran to intervene. That was enough for Ollie to turn and quickly runoff. Moral of the story, don’t mess with Faith or her family. Below are a few photos of Faith taking care of her momma. Enjoy!

Ollie Jr. walks over to Esprit while Copper has his back turned.
I love how Little Brother’s Girl and Diamond are in the background watching like they know something is about to happen.

Faith runs over with her ears pinned and Ollie Jr. perks up.

Faith turns to try and kick Ollie.

The second attempt gets Ollie to back up quickly.

Copper finally hears what is happening and runs to take care of his girls.

With Ollie gone, Copper checks on Esprit.


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