Goodbye Ginger

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Goodbye Ginger

Hello everyone. It’s with a heavy heart today that I must report that not all of our horses made it through the recent cold snap. Mare Ginger, of Mystery’s band, has passed away. I first noticed she was missing from her band yesterday. After checking several bands, it was apparent she was nowhere to be found. First thing today, I went to where she and her band were on Thursday and worked backward towards where the band is now. After a couple of hours of looking with no luck, I made the decision to go back to my car but stopped at one more spot Mystery often frequents. That is when I found her.

We have notified the park and sent them confirmation of her passing. However, she will remain where she is in a familiar place to her and her family. She spent 15 years wild and free in this beautiful park and was a wonderful addition to this herd. Although her passing was sudden, I am grateful we found her and can mourn her loss. RIP Ginger and know you were loved by many and will never be forgotten <3

2005 Mare, Ginger – This photo was taken in the winter of 2018.


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