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Long Day

Hello everyone! It was a long, fun day in the Park, and I am exhausted. I promise to have more beautiful horses to share this week. For now, enjoy this look at little Titan. He was so tired he fell asleep before his head hit the grass. I know how he feels

Ruby and Bonanza

Hello everyone! We have another new foal in Teton’s band. Mare Ruby gave birth to a beautiful colt this week. The park has named him Bonanza. The band has been seen close to the road a lot since he was born so be sure to keep an eye out for them and this new little…
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Bayou and Valentina

Hello everyone! This time of year we see a lot of changes in the foals born in the spring as they begin to shed out their foal coats. The little girls in Sidekick’s band are the perfect example of this occurrence. While there are three fillies in his band, I would like to focus on…
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Goodbye Ginger

Hello everyone. It’s with a heavy heart today that I must report that not all of our horses made it through the recent cold snap. Mare Ginger, of Mystery’s band, has passed away. I first noticed she was missing from her band yesterday. After checking several bands, it was apparent she was nowhere to be…
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Crossing the Little Missouri

Hello everyone! This past weekend I made my way across the river to check on Georgia’s Boy and his band. The temperature was in the 40’s and the river was not completely frozen yet. I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to make it across without getting wet but quickly realized if you zig-zag…
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A Winter Look at Frontier’s Band

Hello everyone! It’s been a busy few days in the park. I took advantage of the warmer weather and checked on several different bands. One band I was surprised to see was Frontier’s. I haven’t seen them for a couple of months so it was a welcome surprise. Anuk is so big and beautiful. She…
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