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RIP Nordie

Hello everyone! I wanted to give you a quick update on my day in the park yesterday. After hiking to one band, I decided to go a little further to check another group. Honestly, I didn’t want to hike further but this is where how everything happens for a reason out here comes into play.…
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Something To Prove

Hello everyone and welcome to 2020! I hope you all had a safe and fun New Year’s. I spent the day with several bands of horses so I have lots to show you. First off, I wanted to share these two gorgeous stallions, Mystery and Satellite. These two are now 16 and 19. They are…
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A Winter Look at Arrowhead

Hello everyone! Here is a recent look at Arrowhead and some of his girls as they went into winter. His filly Antice, out of Domino, is six months old now and beautiful. I love her wild mane! She does not have a young playmate but I think Opal sometimes is willing to be that for…
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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Medora, ND! May you have a wonderful holiday with family and friends. Thank you for your support of the amazing horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park this past year! Pictured: Mare Flicka – the oldest horse in the park. She will be 24 with the new year!

Catching Up With Copper

Hello everyone! Here is a closer look at Copper and his band after we finally made our way over to them on the day with the crazy wash. Luckily, we were able to sit with them for a bit before they moved on for the night. Everyone in his band looks great going into winter.…
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Getting Through the Winter

Hello everyone! When the winter season begins, I am often asked how the horses get water. The answer to that depends on the amount of snow we have on the ground. Sometimes the horses will have access to melting ice all over while at other times, the ground will be covered with several feet of…
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