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Let the Horses Lead the Way

Hello everyone! Here is a closer look at Sidekick and some of his mares from last week. After the bachelor boys finally left the area, the band was able to relax. We sat with them for a short time before heading off to see more horses. There was a large wash separating Sidekick and Thunder…
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New Colt for Skipper and Brutus

Hello everyone! You may remember a couple weeks ago when Eileen and I were surprised one morning by this cutie. He is the colt out of Skipper and the presumed sire is Brutus. The park has given him the name Arey after a stream in Alaska. This darling boy is looking great and growing fast!…
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Eagle and Agency

Hello everyone! We have another new foal in the park! This time it is a filly out of Mare Eagle in Mystery’s band. Mystery stole Eagle from Copper in April of last year so it’s hard to know for sure who the sire may be. My guess is Mystery but time will tell. Either way,…
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New Filly For Faith and Copper

Hello everyone! As most of you have probably heard, we have another new filly in the park. This time out of Mare Faith and the presumed sire is Copper. She is already a very active little girl and will be a wonderful addition to this family. The park has given her the name Agasii after…
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Bachelor Remington Takes on Band Stallion Mystery

Hello everyone! Yesterday morning we got some rain and even a little hail! Luckily it didn’t last long. It did, however, create some beautiful clouds while I was out with the horses. Mystery moved his band to where several other bands have been lately, including Sidekick. I will share more on that encounter and how…
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