A Winter Look at Arrowhead

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A Winter Look at Arrowhead

Hello everyone! Here is a recent look at Arrowhead and some of his girls as they went into winter. His filly Antice, out of Domino, is six months old now and beautiful. I love her wild mane! She does not have a young playmate but I think Opal sometimes is willing to be that for her. On this day, Opal was causing problems for Arrowhead as she decided to run away from the band and take Antice with her. I am not sure what set her off but she would run a short distance and then turn around and see if Arrowhead was watching. Antice stopped early on as if she knew Opal was going to get in trouble. When she got far enough away, Arrowhead had enough of her games and chased her back. Opal has always been a mare who likes to be ‘naughty’ so to speak and it obviously isn’t changing as she gets older. As you can see in the photos below, Arrowhead has a big, beautiful band. I feel they are lucky to have such a strong and smart stallion that will protect them as much as Blaze did. The fact that he is gorgeous is a plus as well. Enjoy!

2019 Filly, Antice out of Mare Domino

2010 Band Stallion, Arrowhead

2014 Mare, Velvet

2007 Mare, Blue

2013 Mare, Justice

Opal, Papoose, and Little Brother’s Girl

2014 Mare, Opal

Diamond, Antice, and Domino

Arrowhead and his band – Justice, Papoose, Diamond, Opal sleeping behind her, Blue and Velvet sleeping in front of her, Antice and Domino, Arrowhead, and Little Brother’s Girl


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