A Lucky Find

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A Lucky Find

Hello everyone! Last Saturday it was near 50 degrees so I decided to go looking for Half Moon. I couldn’t get eyes on them from the road so I decided to hike out to the last spot I had seen him. I got about a mile out and was so hot I had to stop and start taking winter gear off lol! As I was putting my hair up, I turned to my left just in time to see Half Moon cross in front of a butte about half a mile from where I was and then go out of sight. That was lucky! Everything happens for a reason out here and stopping at that exact moment showed me where the band was and kept me from hiking another two miles in the wrong direction. The band was tucked back in a quiet spot away from the other horses. I sat with them for a bit while several of them took a nap before hiking back to my car. Everyone looked great and ready for winter. I think I told Half Moon how gorgeous he was at least half a dozen times. He has a beautiful band and hopefully, this winter will be kind to them. Enjoy and have a great week!

2009 Mare, Punkin

2014 Mare, Eclipse

2004 Mare, Freckles

2011 Mare, Sumac

2001 Mare, Tanker

2019 Colt, Aloe – out of Rosie

2004 Mare, Rosie

2010 Band Stallion, Half Moon


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