Let the Horses Lead the Way

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Let the Horses Lead the Way

Hello everyone! Here is a closer look at Sidekick and some of his mares from last week. After the bachelor boys finally left the area, the band was able to relax. We sat with them for a short time before heading off to see more horses. There was a large wash separating Sidekick and Thunder from the other bands and we needed to cross it somehow to reach them. We walked along the edge to the left until we found one way down. It faced north so of course, it was all mud from the snow melting. We both made it down with no issues but then we had to find a way up the other side. Both of our options involved heading straight up a steep incline. There was snow on this trail to help us climb but it was about 30-40 ft straight up on that side. Needless to say, it made things a tad more difficult. We were determined to see the horses so we both got on our hands and knees and climbed our way up. We enjoyed our time with Copper and Arrowhead and then made our way down in the same spot. Looking down at what we had climbed up before was a little daunting so we decided it was safer to sit and just slide down. I made it about halfway down and decided to film my friend as she slid down so she could show her kids what we go through to get to the horses lol! As we were walking out, we turned back to see Sidekick pushing his mares to the edge of the plateau where we had sat with them. We could see they wanted to get to the same spot we had been after we crossed the big wash. Sidekick would not let the mares back off from the edge and finally, Bella had to descend into a smaller wash. The spot they chose was steep and all mud. I couldn’t understand why they chose that spot but luckily they took their time and each of them made it with no issues. We then watched as the band walked across the flat part of the wash and went up an incline of about 10ft on the other side. I looked at my friend and at the same time, we realized that neither one of us had checked to see if we could have crossed the wash on the right like Sidekick just did. We both had only checked the left. Moral of the story, always follow the horses. They will show you an easier way every time!

2006 Mare, River

2010 Mare, Maiden

River and Mist

2014 Mare, Valentina and her dam, 2001 Mare, Snip’s Gray

Sidekick and Mist


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