Bayou and Valentina

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Bayou and Valentina

Hello everyone! This time of year we see a lot of changes in the foals born in the spring as they begin to shed out their foal coats. The little girls in Sidekick’s band are the perfect example of this occurrence. While there are three fillies in his band, I would like to focus on just Bayou today. She appears to have the biggest personality of the three and reminds me a lot of her big sister, Valentina. During a recent visit with the band, I was able to capture Bayou playing with not only Valentina but also with colt Bart, of Copper’s band. Below are a few photos from that day. I will write under each one and have also included a photo from April so you can see just how much Bayou has changed. Enjoy!

Bayou noticed Bart standing nearby and decided to go over to say hello. She then either tried to give him a smooch or steal his grass.

He didn’t seem to want either to happen lol!

2014 Mare, Valentina, and her little sister, Bayou – Valentina, no matter how old she gets, always seems to find time to play with the new foals. Here the two girls were running back together from a waterhole on a hill. The goal appeared to be to see who could get to the bottom the fastest…Valentina won 😉

Valentina and Bayou back in April <3