Something To Prove

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Something To Prove

Hello everyone and welcome to 2020! I hope you all had a safe and fun New Year’s. I spent the day with several bands of horses so I have lots to show you. First off, I wanted to share these two gorgeous stallions, Mystery and Satellite. These two are now 16 and 19. They are both seasoned stallions who have no reason to fight with one another. However, Satellite is known to be a horse that is always in everyone else’s business. After sitting with Mystery for a short time, he began to walk up a nearby hill to check the area. I knew that Satellite was up there so I decided to walk up and see what would happen. Mystery stood there for a few minutes just watching and occasionally glancing over at me. He obviously had no intention of starting a fight. Satellite, however, just cannot help himself. Tail and head up, he strutted over to Mystery. Once there, they sniffed one another for about 10 seconds and it was over. No squealing, no kicking, just posturing on Satellite’s part. I am not even sure Mystery moved his feet! They just happened to be in the same area and Satellite’s personality prompted him to run over. At 19, you would think he would have learned by now to only pick fights when it is necessary but at this point, I don’t think he will ever change. At least he looks good doing it!

2004 Band Stallion, Mystery minding his own business.

2001 Band Stallion, Satellite not minding his own business and headed for Mystery.

The two meet and have what I would call an ‘old man fight.’ Wanting to prove their manhood but respecting the fact that they are both older, seasoned stallions who don’t need an injury.


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