Almanac and Her Momma Minnie

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Almanac and Her Momma Minnie

Hello everyone! This Monday, we will look at the 2019 Mare, Almanac, and her dam, 2016 Mare, Minnie. These two continue to run together in Flash’s (Urban) band. I have been blessed to watch both of these mares grow up, as Minnie had Almanac when she was a three-year-old. Almanac’s sire was the late, great stallion Satellite, who passed away in 2022. Almanac and Minnie have changed so much over the years and are beginning to look very similar. Telling them apart from a distance can be challenging, but we love seeing them run wild and free together.
Below is a look at Almanac, her momma Minnie, and an added look at Almanac as a new foal in 2019. Enjoy and have a great week!

2016 Mare, Minnie and her 2019 filly, Almanac (x Satellite)

Mare Minnie and filly Almanac in 2019 – Almanac was a month old.

Almanac and Minnie