Fun Friday Part 14

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Fun Friday Part 14

Hello everyone! I decided to put a little twist on today’s ‘Fun Friday’ and feature a single band from various times over the last few months. I have also added a few special throwback photos to when some of them were younger. Today’s featured band is Maverick’s band. For those who are new to the page and may not be familiar with how this band came to be, I will give you a brief history on what happened.
In April of 2019, Maverick stole mares Copper Penny, Paisley, Patches, and colt Poseidon from Band Stallion Brutus. He continued to hold Copper Penny and Poseidon while he and Brutus were doing a back and forth with Mares Paisley and Patches but ended up taking them back towards the end of April. During the summer, Brutus and Maverick continued to fight over mares until July when Brutus lost his entire band to Maverick. Maverick managed to hold onto the band, however, he temporarily lost Skipper to Brutus in September. While with Brutus, Skipper gave birth to their colt Arey. A few weeks later, Maverick would take Skipper and her colt from Brutus and continues to hold them today.
This year, Mare Aurora gave birth to her and Maverick’s first foal, Bluegrass. Mares Patches and Copper Penny also gave birth to foals who were presumed to be by Maverick but unfortunately, they did not survive. I will write under each photo below to share a little more information on the band. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

This was the first time I saw Maverick and his sire, Satellite back in 2015. Maverick was a yearling attempting to woo fellow yearling Opal from Red Face’s band.

Three of the four generations in Maverick’s band – great-grandma Cassie, her granddaughter Aurora, and Aurora’s filly Bluegrass.

2020 Filly, Bluegrass out of Aurora x Maverick

2019 Colt, Arey and his dam 2014 Mare, Skipper

Throwback to 2015 when Brutus first acquired yearling girls (left) Copper Penny and Skipper. Cassie (third from the left) was 5, her daughter Dawn was 2, and Maddie was 8.

A few of Maverick’s band this summer. (L to R) Bluegrass, Aurora, Patches, Paisley, and Dawn

This is baby Aurora back in 2017. She was just a tiny little thing.

Mares Maddie and Cassie out front while Paisley, Dawn, Aurora, and Bluegrass graze in the background.