Saga of Strawberry and Boomer

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Saga of Strawberry and Boomer

Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay in posting, it has been a busy week. Although it is fall, winter weather hit us in the last week and brought with it our first snow. I know many of you have been concerned for Strawberry and Boomer. After my last visit with them, they were back with Xander for a day or two but ended up once again on their own. I was able to locate them again yesterday and this time found them with Stallion Remington and his band. On Saturday, I watched Remington move to the area that was familiar to him as a bachelor and I guess it was just a matter of time before he came across Strawberry and Boomer. In the past, Strawberry and Democracy have been in a band together when they were both with Copper so they are familiar with one another. I did notice that when Democracy moved to a different spot to graze that Strawberry followed so hopefully this will work out but time will tell. As of last night when I hiked out, all were safe and that is what really matters. Please continue to keep all the horses in your thoughts as the poor weather continues to take its toll this week. I also spent time with Little Mo and Thunder this week so I will have more to share with you soon on how they are doing. Thanks, everyone!

Remington learning first-hand what it is like to raise a foal. This went on for some time. I actually watched as Bart would run ahead of Remington, raise up, and then basically body slam him as we walked by. I don’t think I have ever seen a foal do that before.

2014 Band Stallion, Remington looks very handsome against a snowy backdrop.

2020 Colt, Boomer

Our beautiful Mare Strawberry