Remembering Millie and Patriot

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Remembering Millie and Patriot

Hello everyone. Unfortunately, we need to share with all of you that we have lost two foals over the last month or so. The first to disappear was Patriot, the 2022 colt out of Mare Democracy in Remington’s band. The second was Millie, the 2022 filly out of Mare Minnie in Flash’s band. Both were there one day and gone the next. Many people searched for both foals and could not locate them or find any answers about what may have happened. Sometimes we just do not know, as hard as that may be.
These foals were special in their own way and will be greatly missed. Thank you for supporting those who document these foals and deal with difficult times like this firsthand. Below are a couple of photos of each foal. Rest in peace, little ones ❤

2022 Colt, Patriot – (Democracy x Remington)

Resting on mom – Millie and Minnie

Democracy and her colt Patriot – I took this photo the morning I first saw him as a new foal. Democracy walked him to the edge of this butte, and the two of them stood there for a few minutes. I loved how it looked as though she was showing him the Park. It is moments like this that become even more special during hard times.