A New Addition For Ember’s Girl

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A New Addition For Ember’s Girl

Hello everyone! We have another new baby to start off the week and this time it’s a girl! Mare Ember’s Girl finally had her foal sometime this weekend. I checked her on Friday afternoon and was hoping she would foal while we are having some warmer temps. The band was headed to where she has foaled in the past when I left the park that day. It was looking like she was ready and sure enough, she was! Her filly appears to be healthy and is adorable! The presumed sire is Mystery and as far as I know, she has not been named yet. However, feel free to call her anything you like. Below are a few photos of Ember’s Girl and her baby and also one including Mystery. Enjoy and wish this new addition well!

2006 Mare, Ember’s Girl and her new filly

2018 Filly out of Ember’s Girl x Mystery

I think she is sticking her tongue out at me….

2006 Mare, Ember’s Girl and 2004 Band Stallion, Mystery with their new filly


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