A Closer Look at Mystery

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A Closer Look at Mystery

Good evening everyone! Tonight I thought I would share with you a closer look at Band Stallion Mystery. He is the proud father of the newest foal in the park out of Ember’s Girl. Mystery stole her and her filly Cascades from Sidekick during the summer of 2015. Since then, they have had three foals together. Besides this newest filly, Mystery also has five other offspring still remaining in the park. One of which is the gorgeous stallion, Half Moon. In the fall of 2015, Mystery took Sundance from Red Face. However, he didn’t really steal Sundance as I personally watched her leave Red Face to be with Mystery. Red Face and Frosty would both try and block her from going to him but by the next day, Mystery had her. This year, Mystery took Eagle from Copper and most recently picked up Bella and her colt Lyle. Mystery is a smart stallion who is always watching and chooses the right time to act. He also is known for always being dirty! He knows how to keep those pesky bugs off him that is for sure. Below are a few photos of Mystery from this past year. Enjoy this small history on the gorgeous Band Stallion, Mystery! Thanks, everyone!

This is actually a clean day for Mystery during the summer months.

The master of being covered in mud/clay.

2004 Band Stallion, Mystery

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