Learning From the Best

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Learning From the Best

Hello everyone! Today I thought I would give you a closer look at the three young bachelors that have been spending their time with Circus. Volt, out of Mare Lacey, was the first to join Circus this summer. He was kicked out of his natal band in July and joined up with Circus soon after. His older brother Grady, who is also out of Lacey, and Casper, out of Mare Shale, joined the duo in September. The four of them have formed their own little bachelor band and seem content to keep it that way for now. If they remain together through the winter I guess I will have to cross the river again to check on them! Below are some photos of each of the handsome bachelor boys. Enjoy and thanks, everyone!

2016 Colt, Volt (Lacey x Clinker)

2015 Colt, Grady (Lacey x Clinker)

2014 Stallion, Casper (Shale x Gray Ghost)


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