Ollie’s Second Chance

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Ollie’s Second Chance

Hello everyone! Here is a look at Ollie Jr and his small band. He was able to steal Cocoa’s band this spring shortly before his passing. It didn’t start out well for Ollie though as he lost Minnie the first week to Satellite. Not long after, he would lose Dolly to Flax. However, for the rest of the summer, he managed to hang onto Stormy, Sapphire, and Autumn. Ollie has had mares in the past but he couldn’t manage to keep them. He and the girls spent all summer around other bands and he still has them so maybe his luck is changing! These mares are a tight group and have been together for years so let’s hope Ollie can continue to keep the final three together. Enjoy and have a great rest of your weekend!

1999 Mare, Stormy

2007 Mare, Sapphire

2007 Mare, Autumn


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