Our Friend Flicka

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Our Friend Flicka

Good morning everyone! I missed Throwback Thursday so today will be Flashback Friday. In 2013, I went through the park with my family and came across Cloud’s band. I have several images of Flicka with her then filly, Nation so I decided to devote a post to her. Flicka is still a member of Cloud’s band today. At age 22, not only is she the oldest mare in the park but she is also the oldest horse! She has lived her entire life wild and free and still looks great! I have included a recent image of Flicka along with a few of my favorites from my 2013 visit. I will write under each photo as well. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Flicka and her filly, Nation in 2013

Flicka and Nation 2013

Cloud’s Band 2013 – (l to r) Cloud, Chubby, Spangled (Chubby’s filly), Clover (Chubby’s 2 yr old), Flicka, and Nation tucked in behind


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