Flax and Mae

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Flax and Mae

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to give you a little more history on Stallion Flax and his very first mare, Mae. These two found one another in the spring of 2015. Flax was a young bachelor and was out looking for his first mare. Mae had recently been pushed out of her natal band by her sire, Cocoa and she was walking the park alone. However, leaving her natal band was a bit more dramatic for her than most mares. While being chased off by Cocoa, she slipped into a hole and became wedged under two large rocks. Luckily, someone quickly notified the park and they were able to free her. A few weeks after this incident she was found by Flax. He may have merely been the first bachelor that came across her but it feels like their getting together was meant to be. In the beginning, I would often refer to them as ‘Barbie and Ken,’ as they both were just so perfect! In 2016, they had their first foal, a beautiful filly we called Penny. She was later pulled for adoption and Mae has not foaled since. I have included some photos of the couple today and photos from when they first got together. I believe they had been together for roughly a day or two when those photos were taken. I also included my favorite photos of each of them with their filly, Penny. Enjoy this look at this stunning pair and thanks, everyone!

2011 Band Stallion, Flax (r) and 2013 Mare, Mae (l)

Flax in May 2015 – 4 years old (Flame x Red Face)

Mae in May 2015 – 2 years old (Maggie x Cocoa)

Flax and Mae (front) in May 2015 when they first got together

Flax and his adorable filly, Penny when she was around 3 weeks old – April 2016

Mae and her filly, Penny in August 2016 – Penny was four months old



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