Bonnet and Breeze

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Bonnet and Breeze

Hello everyone! As promised, here is a special treat for today. We have another new foal in the park! This is the beautiful filly Breeze out of Mare Bonnet, currently of Wildrye’s band. The presumed sire is Grady. She is very clever at just a few days old. She ran ahead of her mom several times yesterday, showing her how to follow the band. She is a wonderful addition to Wildrye’s band, and we look forward to watching her grow. As always, please help us welcome her to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park herd!

2024 Filly, Breeze out of Mare Bonnet

2020 Mare, Bonnet and her 2024 Filly, Breeze

Mare Bonnet and her 2024 Filly, Breeze

Bonnet and her new filly ❤