Curious Sterling

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Curious Sterling

Hello everyone! One morning I was sitting with both Flax and Ollie Jr’s bands. The young colt Sterling of Ollie Jr’s band became very curious about the other horses nearby and decided to walk over and check them out. Flax saw him right away and went over to push him back to his family. Sterling began to clack in submission but didn’t leave the area. Soon after his dam, Sapphire saw him with Flax and ran over. Flax immediately turned to walk away. It is always amusing to see Stallions run as soon as they see a momma coming their way. Sterling, however, wasn’t ready to leave and walked up to the band again when his mother wasn’t looking. This time he caught Mare Mae’s eye, and she began to try and move him back to his band. Once again, he clacked a little but didn’t leave. Finally, Flax had enough and chased him back towards Sapphire. The brave little guy pushed it several times but, in the end, didn’t get to socialize with Flax and his band. You have the love the curiosity of foals ❤ I will write under each photo to, so be sure to scroll through. Have a great week!

Sterling checking the other horses out. Flax is standing next to Thunder Rose.

Once Sterling got close enough, Flax walked over to move him along. You can see Sterling begin to clack in response to Flax coming near.

Mare Sapphire finally notices her colt with Flax and quickly runs over. You can see Flax turn to walk away as soon as he sees her coming.

After Sterling had his mom move Flax away, he continued towards the band and had Mare Mae approach him as well.

Sterling stops once he is near his mom and takes one last look at Flax’s band. Stubborn little guy ?