Jewel, Cadet, and the Curious Knight

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Jewel, Cadet, and the Curious Knight

Hello everyone! I went through some photos recently and came across these from earlier this summer that I had not had a chance to share. One afternoon I was photographing several bands when I looked over and saw a young foal standing with Cadet of Arrowhead’s band. I knew it was his sister Dominque and must be a foal from one of the surrounding bands. I realized the extra foal was Knight of Sidekick’s band. He started out being curious about Cadet, but his attention was quickly drawn to young Jewel. Below is a look at the boys and the Knight attempting to get Jewel to spend time with him. I will write under each photo to help explain the story. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Cadet (Justice x Arrowhead) walks over to meet the curious colt approaching Arrowhead’s band.

Knight makes himself at home with Arrowhead’s band and appears to be claiming Jewel for himself.

Cadet and Knight both showing Jewel some love.

Cadet walks back over to his mom while Knight does his best to claim his girl. She walked off, and after being rejected numerous times, Knight finally goes back to his mother to nurse ?