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Wind Dancer’s New Gal

Hello everyone! Several band changes occurred recently in the park. One of which is that Wind Dancer, although he has lost Twister, is still a band stallion. Somehow, he managed to pick up 2020 Mare, Pixie. She had been with Grady and, most recently, Wildrye. However, when Wildrye moved the band to the park’s west…
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Finding Busy Blue

Hello everyone! While checking on several bands last week, Eileen and I came across Georgia’s Boy. We were pleasantly surprised to see he had an extra band member. Mare Busy Blue, formerly of Coal’s band, was with them. His young colt Finn seemed thrilled with her joining the family and was attached to her, literally…
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Casper’s Family

“Family is one of nature’s masterpieces.” – George Santayana. Pictured: 2014 Band Stallion, Casper and his Family

Indian Paintbrush and Monet

Hello everyone! Today, we have a new foal to share with you! We have been patiently waiting for the little one you see below, and today, he finally made an appearance. This is the new colt named Monet out of Mare Indian Paintbrush of Teton’s band. Which means he will be little Trinity’s playmate someday.…
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Fun Friday Part 31

Hello everyone! Tomorrow is the first day of fall, so I thought we would have one last summer-themed “Fun Friday.” Each of the photos below were taken during the past few months. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Arrowhead Kind of Day

Hello everyone! Here is the gorgeous Band Stallion Arrowhead to make your weekend even better. Enjoy!