Arrowhead’s Band

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Arrowhead, is the 2010 son of Mare Bella by the late stallion, Embers. He won his first mare in the winter of 2016. He and his longtime bachelor buddy, Ollie Jr., worked together to steal Mare Democracy from Copper. Arrowhead would take her for himself and leave Ollie Jr. as a bachelor. In 2017,

Arrowhead left Democracy to pursue the mares of a stallion named Blaze after he had passed away. Ollie Jr. had already taken the majority of the band leaving Arrowhead with only one, Mare Domino. By the end of 2017, Arrowhead had stolen the remaining mares from Ollie Jr.

Today, Arrowhead continues to hold all of Blaze’s former mares, except for Mare Escape, who is with Sidekick.