Half Moon’s Band

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Half Moon is the 2010 son of Lacey by Mystery. He gained his first mare in 2014 when he stole Punkin from Stallion Shadow. He would add Sumac and her colt, Guardian to his band in 2015 when he stole them from Stallion Granite’s Boy. In the spring of 2016, he would continue to grow his band when he stole several mares and their foals from Little Sorrel.

In the spring of 2017, Half Moon briefly stole Gray Ghost’s band. However, the new additions were determined to get back to Gray Ghost and ran from Half Moon several days later. Mare Rosie returned to Half Moon after helping her bandmates run and is still a part of his band today. In the summer of 2017, Half Moon was injured just above his hoof and began to lose his mares to the young stallion, Guardian, who he had allowed to remain in his band. He spent the next several months trying to heal and by the spring of 2018, he had taken back his entire band.