Flax’s Band

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Stallion Flax and his very first mare, Mae, found one another in the spring of 2015. He would add to his band once again when he gained two other mares, Thunder Rose and Dolly.

In July 2021, Dolly would give birth to her first recorded sabino filly. She was also the first filly for Dolly and Flax. 2022 brought three more additions to the band when Flax picked up mares Patience and Bluff from Frontier, and Dolly gave birth to a filly named Summer.

Dolly and her girls were quickly picked up in 2023 by stallion Cagney while her colt Anzar became a bachelor. The rest of 2023 brought one more addition to the band, a filly named Harmony out of mare Patience.

Flax started 2024 strong by picking up mare Bess after she briefly spent time in Bokel’s band with Flax’s former mare, Dolly.